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Hgh Side Effects Discovered Health and Fitness Blog - 2HealthAndWellness.com

Many studies have been done on HGH usage with fascinating results. The New England Journal of Medicine has printed their articles grabbing the publics interest. We want to talk about the side effects of hgh and possible benefits of hgh therapy.

Some of the advantages listed in these studies include an 8.8% leanmuscle mass increase, you could lose 4.4 percent of your body fat without dieting, you could lose cellulite, have fewer wrinkles, your skin will look more youthful, your memory could improve, your vision will be clearer, your blood pressure will decrease, your cholesterol profile will improve, and your aerobic function will improve.

Millions of dollars and thousands of man hours have been devoted to different studies by giant pharmaceutical manufacturers trying to develop products that give any one of these results. Now that a substance incorporating all these results in a single unit is available, one starts thinking about where this is all leading to.

Taking a large amount of any hormone can be hazardous due to the potential growth hormone side effects. HGH contains a chain of more than 190 amino acids and is a very strong hormone. Peoples different genetic makeups can have extreme effects on how they react to the same hormone dosage.

Hazardous side effects can result from taking big doses of growth hormone.

Weight lifters and athletes who over an extended time period have used large doses of growth hormone typically experience the most extreme problems. Cases such as these have been known to produce unusual growths with unnaturally large bones being one characteristic. Some other serious HGH side effects of long term abuse have included, damage to the heart, joints and facial features.

Most HGH side effects that have been documented from over use of the drug. The side effects of growth hormone can be minimized by closely following the amount prescribed by your physician and by limiting the time the hormone is taken. The extent of reactions can be lessened by using a smaller amount.

Other growth hormone side effects that have been observed are high blood pressure, swollen joints,some growth of the facial bones, and edema.

Liver damage may result from your liver processing the synthetic forms of growth hormone in your blood. The risk of your pituitary producing a lesser quantity of growth hormone as a result of higher synthetic levels in the body is also possible. The pituitary gland could even cease to function.

Each individual must personally ascertain their needs to compare the benefits versus the risks of anti aging growth hormone therapy. The aim should be to make an educated decision after weighing all the consequences and examining all options.


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