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0 Comments You’ve probably heard this a million times. Drink at least Eight 8oz glasses of water a day (64 oz or about a half gallon). This is not some urban legend. It is one of the most imperative actions you can take towards restoring your health. Most people do not get anywhere near this amount per day. Think of it as your internal cleanser. A natural, but effective elixir that cleans out toxins while simultaneously assisting almost every major system in the body! More specifically, a good formula to figure out how much water you should drink a day is this: 1. Take the number of pounds you weigh. 2. Divide that number in half. 3. That is the number of ounces of water you should be drinking. Example: Your child weighs 90 lbs. He or she should be drinking at least 45 oz of water per day. While almost any water is going to be better than say, soda or coffee, it is important to drink the best quality water you can get your hands on. Unfortunately most public tap water is so overloaded with fluoride and chlorine that you want to avoid this stuff whenever possible. According to USA standards the “best” water has the highest levels of Fluoride and Chlorine! This is because it will inherently have the absolute least number of bacteria or microorganisms. Completely Backwards! This is the Most Chemicalized water. This powerful step to better health may sound easy. But I am all about finding the most practical and simplest changes you CAN make in your EVERYDAY life. Make one minor change every couple of days, or every week and suddenly you will see your thirst for health knowledge start to grow (no pun intended). An effective method for many is to start with the super easy stuff and work our way up to changes that are a little more interesting or unique. A great way to get started on adding more water very easily is by drinking a lot of it right when you wake up. Wait until after you brush your teeth - to rid your mouth of bacteria - and then drink down 1-3 glasses right then and there. For one thing, your body is the most dehydrated right when it wakes up. Secondly, this will start to get everything flowing and operating nicely inside. Water is the purest lubrication you could give your systems first thing in the morning. Lastly, you can knock a good chunk out of your required daily water intake right then and there and not have to worry about it as much later on. If you drink 16-32 oz first thing, that’s 16-32 oz less you have drink later on. Your body is like a starving plant. If all you’ve been giving it is soda, coffee and juices laced with fake sugars, then it’s time to get back to the basics. We all know water is the most basic need to all life. What happens if we discover water on other planets? It is a tell-tale sign that life could exist! Now imagine the vitality you could be generating by staying full hydrated for maybe the first time in your life. Virtually everyone is chronically dehydrated! As an additional benefit, water is going to be cheaper than any of the other things people are addicted to these days. Think of the money you can save by not buying a soda with dinner. May seem small, but multiple times a week, this adds up! To review: -Drink More Water (at least half gallon a day for most adults) -Give up Soda, Coffee (any stimulant is bad for you in the long term) -Get a high quality filter for you and your family -Drink a full glass or two right when you wake up in the morning & encourage your kids to drink 1 glass of water before breakfast Challenge: Try replacing 1-2 of your normal beverages each day with plain old water. Force yourself at first. Habits don’t change on their own. Take Initiative! It’s your health after all. Pretty important stuff. Create these habits now, trust me you’ll thank yourself later on. Remember, good habits of yours are good habits of your children''s. :)To you and your family''s health, Rob

Rob Herring is Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Children''s Health Advocate. He believes that positive strategies in the early years will reflect in life-long healthy habits! Be a role model for your child.

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