hot blonde sucking dick

hot blonde sucking dick


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Actions: Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing - Single, Ass to Mouth, Gapes
Run Time: 30:15

Ah, another sweet AssTraffic video to review! Daisy is a a tall brunette with a classic built-for-fucking body. Wearing a two piece black outfit and black boots, she struts around showing off her tight ass as it is hugged by a pair of short shorts. She is horny to be fucked hard, and she gives us a great bump and grind tease, showing off her fine ass. Later, she’s lying on a couch, head down and ass proudly held high, her hands and fingers stroking her still covered ass and pussy, an etremely hot look on her face as though she knows she’s driving us crazy! At about 6:00, the shorts are pulled down and Daisy slowly slides her middle finger into her ass hole, as if to say, “Fuck me!” It’s a great image.

A lucky stud enters the video, and Daisy gets down to business, on her hands and knees, sliding her lips around his stiff cock. She has good technique, letting a good amount of spit lube the cock to get it deeper into her mouth. At 16:30 it’s time for some anal action, and Daisy smiles as she lowers her ass onto the stud’s cock, her tits jiggling furiously as she rides him. The stud spanks her ass cheeks, creating rosy handprints on her nice ass. Ass to mouth is interspersed with straight ass fucking until our gal takes a creamy cumshot. Can you guess where? Hint: she smiles as she takes it. Curious? Check this video out!

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