The application of Chlorogenic acid

The application of Chlorogenic acid

Chlorogenic acid is a phytochemical found in many plants just like coffee and coffee beans. It has been famouse for being able to reduce blood sugar levels and potentially exert an anti-diabetic effect. Because glucose generated from glycogen that stored in the liver is often overactive in people who suffer high blood sugar, chlorogenic acid can inhibit the gene expression of an important enzyme involved in generating glucose from glycogen, and thus reduce glucose production,and reduce blood sugar levels.Nowdays , Chlorogenic acid has been beneficial to supplement and medicine, for a long-term preventative (anti-diabetic) measure.

It has also been implicated in weight loss and exerting an anti-obesity effect, Chlorogenic acid has been showed to reduce the effectiveness of an enzyme that helps to turn fat stores in the liver into glucose, which is used as energy in one’s body. Thus consuming chlorogenic acid can reduce the amount of enzyme, meaning that more fat stores in the liver can be broken down into energy and used up i.e. Stored fat is burnt as excess.So people always use Chlorogenic acid as a good dietary supplement or pills for Weight-loss .

Chlorogenic acid is a phenolic compound which against oxygen free radical damage ,as its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. So Chlorogenic acid is a natural ingredient widely used in cosmetics and body care products,and now it is available in a number of topical applications, including ointments, moisturizer, sun lotion, night cream and body spritzer.

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